About the Job

On Site Only.

Izeni is a rapidly growing software development company in Provo, Utah. We have a track record of working on fun, innovative technical products for our clients.

We are in need of several Technical Account Managers to manage and build successful relationships while contributing to the overall success of our clients.

What We Need...

Specifically, we need someone to:

Develop a deep understanding of the clients’ needs and business models

Act as liaison between management and the client

Communicate with clients, resolve issues, and answer questions on a technical level

Drive customer success by assisting clients in person, via email, and telephone

Help onboard new clients and provide support as needed

Accurately report technical issues and work closely with team leads to fix any problems

Provide detailed feedback and reporting on a regular basis

Make sure clients stay up to date on payments

Be able to communicate effectively with customers, software developers, and C-Level Executives.

What You Need...

  • Qualifications you need:
  • Previous experience in managing technical accounts
  • Outstanding written and oral communication and presentation skills
  • Proven ability to develop customer relationships and manage projects
  • Experience managing multiple clients in parallel
  • Ability to work collaboratively in teams and support all levels of the organization
  • Ability to make recommendations with customers and team
  • Must be extremely organized, work well under pressure and be a strong problem solver
  • Excited and proactive about helping the client be successful
  • Motivated and self driven
  • Ability to be firm and friendly at the same time
  • Very detail oriented, communicative, and good at following up and maintaining appropriate records

    Based in Provo, START STUDIO is a software and development shop positioned at the forefront of the Utah startup and technology scene. We work primarily with entrepreneurs and visionaries who want to build their idea from scratch. We also do a fair amount of work on our own internal products (that we'll one day take to market).

    We're small enough that your contribution can make a difference, but growing fast enough that owning a small chunk of stock in the company could eventually become quite meaningful.

    Apply today and we'll most likely discuss the opportunity over delicious Mexican food. Don't forget to throw a link to your portfolio in the message box.