Job Overview

We’re seeking ambitious Python developers with strong communication skills, strong work ethic, and the ability and desire to work in an exciting and demanding environment.

Developers will create systems that are stable, easy to maintain, and function well according to client needs.


Develop and maintain back end programs, including new implementations, testing, support and enhancements.
Maintain excellent communication with project coordinators and clients.
Timely and accurate project reporting and documentation.


1 or more years Python experience.

Experience with Django, Javascript, CSS, HTML and REST are a plus.

We also do lots of development in iOS(Objective C), Android, Flutter, Pyside / QML, pip, LESS, Linux, Bash, Salt, PostgreSQL, Git, FreeSWITCH, and OpenSIPS. Knowing them is nice, but not required.


Based in Provo, START STUDIO is a software and development shop positioned at the forefront of the Utah startup and technology scene. We work primarily with entrepreneurs and visionaries who want to build their idea from scratch. We also do a fair amount of work on our own internal products (that we'll one day take to market).

We're small enough that your contribution can make a difference, but growing fast enough that owning a small chunk of stock in the company could eventually become quite meaningful.

Apply today and we'll most likely discuss the opportunity over delicious Mexican food. Don't forget to throw a link to your portfolio in the message box.